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Courses offered by the Chair of Environmental Governance

As part of the English-speaking MSc. program "Environmental Governance":

  • Core module "Sustainability and Governance" (Schanz, partial contribution "Sustainability, Sustainable Development") / winter semester
  • Elective "Sustainability Planning and Assessments" (Schanz) / summer semester
  • Elective "Sustainability Management and Reporting" (Schanz) / winter semester
  • Elective "Research Design in Environmental Governance" (Malets, Schanz) / winter semester
  • Elective "Global Environmental Politics" (Malets, Degenhart, Schanz) / winter semester
  • Elective "Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship" (Malets, Teilbeitrag "Leadership") / summer semester

As part of the profile "Landnutzung und Naturschutz (Land Use and Nature Conservation)" the bilingual MSc. program "Umweltwissenschaften (Environmental Sciences)":

As part of the minor "Internationale Waldwirtschaft (International Forestry)" of the German-speaking BSc. programs "Waldwirtschaft und Umwelt (Forestry and Environment)" and "Umweltnaturwissenschaften (Environmental Sciences)":

  •  Core module "Einführung in die Internationale Waldwirtschaft (Introduction to International Forestry)" (Schanz, partial contribution "Wald, Entwicklung und Nachhaltigkeit (Forest, Development and Sustainability)") / summer semester
  • Core module "Internationale Politik und Märkte (International politics and markets)" (Schanz, partial contribution "Internationale Märkte, Marktketten, Regulierung (International markets, market chains, regulations") / summer semester