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20.07.2020 - Germany’s New Building Energy Act is a Missed Opportunity
In a contribution for the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Rainer Quitzow and Leonard Frank discuss the new Building Energy Act. Their verdict: The reforms are not sufficient for a climate-neutral future.
20.07.2020 - Lecture successfully completes habilitation
Chantal Ruppert-Winkel successfully completes her postdoctoral qualifications in "Environmental Governance“.
15.01.2020 - New publication: Storylines in energy transition
A new article from Simon Funcke and Chantal Ruppert-Winkel has been published in the high-impact Journal Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. It delves into the question of who supports a centralised or decentralised pathway for the energy transition in Germany and which arguments or storylines are propagated by these discourse coalitions.
25.01.2021 - New publication: Leverage points of local economies
A new article by David Sipple and Heiner Schanz has been published in the Journal of Spatial Research and Planning. It aims to identify leverage points for governance interventions, through which local authorities can support the branches of the (small-scale) local economy.