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Ronja Mikoleit

Chair of Sustainability Governance  RM

Institute of Environmental Social Sciences and Geography
Tennenbacher Str. 4
D-79106 Freiburg

Telephone: 0761 203 96845



Research Interests   |   Professional Experience   |   Education   |   Publications


Research Interests


  • Science studies and the sociology of knowledge, with a special focus on professional epistemologies

  • Interconnections of sciences, policy and practice, especially in the field of sustainability and biodiversity research

  • Trans- and interdisciplinary in natural and social sciences

  • The role of materiality, the body and affects/emotions in science, expertise, theory and research

  • Gender studies

  • Environmental sociology


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Professional Experience

Since 07/2016

  • Doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources


Since 07/2016 - 11/2019

  • Doctoral Researcher at the chair of Sustainability Governance 
    PhD project "Professional epistemologies & the integration of biodiversity-related knowledge into socio-political decision-making" (D1) in the DFG research training group "ConFoBi - Conversation of Forest Biodiversity in Multiple-Use Landscapes of Central Europe"


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10/2012 - 04/2016

  • M.A. Sociology, Universität Potsdam


10/2008 - 08/2012

  • B.A. Sociology and Anthropology, Universität Freiburg; Universidade Nova de Lisboa


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  • Mikoleit, Ronja (2021): Professionelle forstliche Wissenskulturen, verkörpertes Wissen und Praktiken der multifunktionalen Waldbewirtschaftung, in: Korn, Horst/ Stadler, Jutta/Schliep, Rainer (Hrsg.): Treffpunkt Biologische Vielfalt XVIII. Interdisziplinärer Forschungsaustausch im Rahmen des Übereinkommens über die biologische Vielfalt. BfN-Skripten 590, S. 35-37.

  • Mikoleit, Ronja (2020): Den Wald mit anderen Augen sehen: Situationsanalyse und forstliche Wissenspraktiken, in: Poferl, Angelika/Schröer, Norbert/ Hitzler, Ronald/ Klemm, Matthias/Kreher, Simone (Hrsg.): Ethnographie der Situation. Erkundungen sinnhaft eingrenzbarer Feldgegebenheiten. Essen: Oldib Verlag, S. 389-404.

  • Joa, Bettina/Paulus, Anne/Mikoleit, Ronja/Winkel, Georg (2020): Decision Making in Tree Selection – Contemplating Conflicting Goals via Marteloscope Exercises, in: Rural Landscapes: Society, Environment, History, 7(1), p.3.

  • Cosyns, Hannes/Joa, Bettina/Mikoleit, Ronja/Krumm, Frank/Schuck, Andreas/Winkel, Georg/Schulz, Tobias (2020): Resolving the trade-off between production and biodiversity conservation in integrated forest management: comparing tree selection practices of foresters and conservationists, in: Biodiversity and Conservation 29, 3717–3737.

  • Mangelsdorf, Marion/Mikoleit, Ronja/Schmitz, Sigrid/Fetzner, Daniel (2018): Gendering marteloscopes: digitalization of gender-knowledge in STEM, in: GenderIT '18: Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Gender & IT, 225–227.


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