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Chair of Sustainability Governance


Established in March 2016, the Chair of Sustainability Governance works at the nexus of Sustainability, Science, and Society.

Current research is focused on questions of effectiveness and legitimacy of new governance arrangements; the analysis of environmental conflicts in geopolitical contexts; the transition dynamics of socio-technical systems (especially in the fields of energy, mobility, and food); as well as the societal and democratic implications of evidence-based modes of policy-making.

Interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity are constitutive features of the Chair Group’s scientific work. The aim is to explore both the possibilities and the limits of these new, much-vaunted principles of scientific and practical problem-solving.

The Chair Group’s teaching approach is guided by the principles of problem-based learning, the development of intercultural competencies, and an epistemological position of ‘perspectivist pluralism’.